At Asylum420, we dedicated to designing and created only the best quality in cannabis rolling trays, display stands, and accessories. Take a look through the category pages on our site, where you’ll find sample galleries for many of our products.

Our rolling trays are all CNC-milled, using Canadian Maple, and finished with a food grade, non-toxic finish and moisture proofing for a brilliant luster and that will give years of enjoyment.

Convenient pockets for various containers, papers, grinders, vape pipes etc. are built into the trays, and they include a helpful wooden scraper to keep things tidy. A reusable, Eco-friendly bag is also included for transport, or just to keep it on the down-low.

New designs are always being added to our range, but trays are fully customizable so if you’d like something special, just ask. Names and personalized engravings can also be added as an option.

Our products are available for wholesale or retail, and for retail stores, we can supply a custom wooden display stand to fit your space. We are also able to make display units for other in-store inventory, such as pipes, rolling papers, etc.

To find out more information visit the contact us page on our site; it contains a simple form as well as our phone and email details There’s also a order and payments page, where you can send us your custom orders and requests.