Last month, we launched the Asylum420 brand, focusing on high-quality, hand made cannabis rolling trays for retail and wholesale, available in various sizes and styles, to fit just about any need for the connoisseur of fine smokables. The initial product launch has been so successful that we’ve had to grow our range quite dramatically, so here’s a brief look at all of our categories, with some samples of our current rolling tray products.

Rolling Tray Product Categories

Our categories of rolling tray products broadly describe the imagery and look-and-feel that a particular user may be looking for, ranging from peaceful flowers to fearsome dragons, storage boxes, mirrored trays, and more!

Peace & Harmony

Skulls & Dragons

Leaves & Buds

Novelty Rolling Trays

Stash Boxes and Trays with Lids

The Attitude420 Range

Wholesale & Retail Product Displays

Asylum420’s wholesale and retail displays allow stores to show our products in an effective way that doesn’t take up too much floor real estate.

Retail Product Displays

Full-Size Display Stands

New designs are constantly being produced, trays are fully customizable, and personalized engravings, such as names and slogans, can also be added as an option.

Our products are available for wholesale or retail, and in addition to the custom wooden display stands shown above, we can also make display units for other in-store inventory, such as pipes, rolling papers, etc.

To find out more information visit the contact us page on our site; it contains a simple form as well as our phone and email details There’s also a order and payments page, where you can send us your custom orders and requests.